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Circles of Joplin?

Joplin Circles, part of a nationally-recognized program with proven results in more than 80 communities, began in 2013.  Circles is all about building relationships.  Together, everyday men and women figure out how to do life better.  Community members help participants find better ways to budget, resolve conflict, and gain the skills needed for successful employment.  The best part about Circles is the fact that participants are changing their own lives.  No handouts are given.  People are supporting one another through friendship and fellowship to make life better for our whole community. 

Circles is a community collaboration in partnership with the national Circles program and the United Way of Southwest Missouri and Southeast Kansas.

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The Circles program reduces the number of families and individuals who rely on government programs and charitable aid. More importantly, it breaks the cycle of poverty as graduates teach their children how to get ahead, not just get by. The program can increase the number of educated workers in the community, reduce unemployment rate and increase the tax base, which results in a more prosperous and healthy community. Circles has a proven track record for success nationwide and has already begun changing lives right here at home.

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CIRCLES CAN’T WORK WITHOUT YOU!!  Circles depends on community support and involvement as it mobilizes volunteers, community leaders and organizations to partner with families willing to lead themselves to financial sustainability.  Our opportunities to help will fit any desired time commitment.

We encourage you to join us for a visit one Thursday night to see for yourself.

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